A hygiene is performed with brushed facial, steam-Ozone and microdermabrasion to clean the pores in depth, a facial polishing and a smooth and healthy skin is achieved, soothing serums and anti-inflammatory mask, combined with trace elements, facial drainage and relaxing massage (60 minutes ).

Intense purification, Brushed facial, to remove impurities, Witch hazel descaling toner, Ozone steam, Desincrustation and extraction of comedones, pustules, papules and milliums, Microdermabrasion facial polishing, Toner to balance the PH of the skin, Relaxing and anti-inflammatory mask in chamber collagen, facial drainage. (1: 30hrs).

Personalized treatment to delay the aging process of the skin, hygiene, Brushed facial, Scrub Champagne, Spray with anti-aging serum with electroporation or radiofrequency, to penetrate active ingredients and regenerators, Q10. Oxygenating mask in collagen and elastin chamber, facial drainage (1: 30hrs).

Procedure to firm the skin, Brushed facial, Caviar scrub, Spraying with pearl serum, Radiofrequency inducing collagen and elastin, oxygenating agents, Caviar nutrition ampoules, Algilerine plastic mask, Facial drainage (1: 30hrs).

Photoaging and skin blemishes will be treated with treatment combined with a sequential procedure. Brushed facial, Scrub Luminos rice with microdermabrasion, Spray with sea thistle serum, IPL pulsed light SHR Technology or Tripolar Radiofrequency or fruit acids to renew the skin. Retinol Car Ampoule, Sea Thistle Clarifying Mask in collagen chamber, Lymphatic Drainage (1:30 hrs) Home Treatment.

Hygiene, Brushed facial, Enzymatic peeling, microdermabrasion, IPL pulsed light anti-inflammatory and drying effect or virtual meso, Ultrasonic peeling palette. Drying and astringent mask in collagen chamber, facial drainage. (1: 30hrs). Home treatment.

Hygiene and facial Brushed, 5% papaya enzymatic peel, Microdermabrasion and alpha hydroxy acids, or electroporation or IPL. To renew the skin due to its exfoliating action. The effect is smoother and less porous skin. (60 min).

Make-up removal and hygiene, Exfoliation Scrub champagne, Local anesthesia, HIFU facial (area), Caviar plasltic mask, Indicated for flaccidity, immediately tightens the skin and shapes forehead, chin, neck and décolleté and eye contour, by increasing of collagen, excellent and progressive results. (Duration will vary depending on the area).

Being the most fragile area of ​​the face, we will treat it in the same way, with a combination of therapies, to reaffirm, smooth wrinkles, reduce dark circles, bags and signs of fatigue. With Serum, masks and lymphatic drainage, Combined radiofrequency, HIFU, Led Light, Carboxytherapy, virtual meso and lymphatic drainage. (Duration 60 min).

El Lápiz que borra los signos del envejecimiento, líneas de expresión, manchas, poros abiertos, porosidad, entre muchos beneficios que tiene este tratamiento. Es rápido, seguro y eficaz. Se promueve la formación de colágeno y la elastina; y lo potenciamos con activos y nutrientes. (Duración 60 min).

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